Throwback Thursday: Do you remember the following?



1. Orange glass fibre booth- remember how cool these were and how much privacy one had in these?
2. The screen that would pop up just when the best part in the movie or sitcom was about to come
3. Mariette Kruger & Riaan Cruywagen, two of the best news anchors SABC has had
4. 1965 5 cent coin
5. Clog heels? Who else loved the sound the wood made when it hit the floor? *grins*
6. Brick game kept us entertained for hours on end!
7. How many of these trolls did you have on your fridge?
8. Mood rings!!!
9. Remember that everyone’s granny had one of these in her house?
10. Corduroy pants… Everyone felt a bit sexy in those.
11. Snakes and ladders was the one game that tested our patience. Just as you think you are about to win, you slide down with a snake back to the start.
12. Every kid loved this show. Granite was everyone’s favourite.



13. School children would fold and play with these quackies throughout their whole school day.
14. Every household one of these to mince the meat or make a perfect carrot salad.
15. This was the phone to have. Everyone was fascinated by the game, Snake.


16. Herbal Essence was the shampoo that everyone used at a stage
17. This garden set was in every family’s garden. It would hurt your bum, but still you could sit there for hours.
18. Timotei shampoo…
19. This would leave your house fresh and spotless, but you would scrub for hours.
20. Lucky packets would probably the best worst surprise ever. You would always want a better toy or a different colour sweet.