Three tricks to eating healthy on the go


Convenience food is, well, convenient, especially when you have little time to prep healthy meals. But this is not the answer to a healthy lifestyle.

Instead, try to adopt the following three habits:

Stock up on protein snacks
Pack protein, high-fibre snacks. They are not only convenient, but supply nutrients to keep you energised.

You will feel fuller for longer, curb the desire to snack and build lean muscle.

Plan and prep ahead of time
Plan your meals for the week, during the weekend.

Shop and prepare the food, and store it in marked containers. Dinner time will be less stressful.

But planning doesn’t only apply to the foods you eat.

Be prepared and pack a bag with all your gym essentials and leave it in your car. This visual reminder will encourage you to work out more often.

Pick healthier alternatives when dining out
Eating according to a meal plan can feel impossible, especially on celebration days.

Friends will understand if you speak to them about your health goals. They might even surprise you by serving a tasty health platter inspired by your needs!

Make sure you eat a protein-rich snack beforehand to resist menu temptations.

Mind the salad dressing, as it can be more calorific than a slice of cake!

Stick to water, great conversation, and chilled vibes.

George Herald