Three degrees behind his name, yet unemployed

Seun Komolafe, who has three degrees behind his name, is looking for work at a street corner in Bloem.

The 31-year-old Kovsie Alumnus, Seun Komolafe, holds an undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science, an Honours degree and a Master’s degree in Mathematics, which he obtained recently.

Yet he is struggling to put bread on his table. Coming from an impoverished background in Nigeria, Komolafe did not hesitate when his uncle, who was living in South Africa, suggested that he furthers his studies at the University of the Free State.

Komolafe says having grown up in dire poverty, raised by a single father, he knew that education was his only key to success.14907005_822217541252742_3310883397454669921_n“My uncle came with this suggestion at the time when I was working at a local factory after completing my final year of school. I had no money to come and study in South Africa but I decided to take the risk either way. After completing my school year, I spent four years working at a factory just to put something on the table and I knew that I wanted something more out of life. All I ever wanted, was to achieve something in life. All I ever wanted, was to be somebody. So when my uncle offered to help with registration fees, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Little did I know that I would still face financial drawbacks after completing my studies,” says Komolafe.

In his first year studying towards his undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science, Komolafe struggled to finance his studies and had to rely on church members and family friends who helped raise funds to pay for his tuition fee.

He thereafter managed to obtain a merit bursary from the university to further his studies until this point. 14908189_822217341252762_6370090124891671461_nKomolafe says, despite having obtained three degrees with distinctions in fields that are seldom studied, his biggest challenge remains finding employment.

He is, however, hopeful that his love for mathematics and numbers will bear fruit in no time.

Komolafe has thus far made several job applications and stands at a street corner near the university, asking people passing to assist in finding him a job. – Katleho Morapela