Thought for the week – 30 March 2017


The process of salvation was to reunite humankind with the kingdom of heaven. A process has to do with goals laid out to accomplish an ultimate purpose.
God’s government promised Satan the return of the Holy Spirit to earth (Genesis 3:15). The head of a snake is where you destroy or kill it. Isn’t that so? When God said, “My seed shall crush your head,” He was talking about destroying satanic bondage over humankind. This means Satan’s influence will be destroyed and the kingdom of God restored.
When Adam sinned, the loving relationship between God and humankind suffered a great loss. Take note of this: Adam did not fall from heaven (Luke 10:18), but fell from authority and power. Through his disobedience he declared independence from the kingdom of heaven. What humankind lost, is what God wants to restore.
Jesus of Nazareth’s crucifixion was never God’s primary objective, but a method to ultimately accomplish His original purpose, which is reconciliation! (2 Corinthians 5:18). Calvary was not the end, but a means towards it – the salvation of your soul.
Godfrey Thomas