Things Not To Wear at the Gym


The autumn leaves have seized to fall and the bloomy season of spring has lived up to its namesake and sprung upon us.

Many people like to rush to gyms and return to that diet plan they initially came up with along with their new year’s resolutions in January once they realise how close summer is.

Gym membership have soared once again and people have returned on a quest to maintain their “summer bodies”.

Here are the things that new members should avoid being caught in on their next visit to the gym:


Yes, for some it feels like they are getting down and dirty in the trenches and maybe the bootsadded weight on the soles might come in handy on leg days, but boots are highly inappropriate for the gym.

They are designed to keep your feet warm and dry across particularly difficult terrain, not the treadmill.

Just opt for a pair of specially designed gym shoes instead of a heavy pair that with really drag you down.


Leggings for women might work. Well, that day is here and you should start listening to the voice in the back of your head questioning your choice of legwear.

Leggings for men, or meggings as they like to be known, are literally what they say on the tin.

meggingsSkin tight pieces of lycra or polyester that hardly leave anything to the imagination aren’t a good look when you’re building up a sweat and, if you don’t have supportive underwear on, it may not be a good look to fellow gym attendants.

It’s better to opt for a pair of just above the knee shorts or tracksuit bottoms to get you through your gym session.


Barely there vests

A barely there vest is pretty much what is says, and I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen one of these criminal pieces of clothing in the flesh, but if you haven’t then buckle up kiddo. The straps of the vest, for some reason, come down way past the chest and just cover the nipple, with the remaining part of the vest starting somewhere past the navel.

Instead of letting people suffer with the vision of what is essentially elongated nipple tassles then opt for a sports T-shirt. There are a massive range of gym clothes that you can choose from, so please, I urge you not to wear a barely there vest.

Short shorts

You’ve never skipped leg day, not even once, and I get it, you want to show off your muscular pins, but sometimes the shorts worn be a little bit too short, verging into hotpants territory.

Short shorts aren’t a good look, no matter what occasion you’re wearing them to, and many don’t offer you the support or modesty in certain areas where they really should.

Instead of these uncontrollable shorts opt for a pair that hit you just above the knee to ensure that they don’t ride up too much leaving little to the imagination.


Denim isn’t a suitable material to wear whilst you’re working up a sweat as it’s not designed to keep you cool nor is it designed to be worn during physical exercise.

Wear something light and airy. Pick a material that will keep you cool and there are plenty out there.


Again one may be think that no one is likely to go to the gym in sandals but people actually do such things. Like most things seen in the gym sandals are the right footwear to sport when you’re working out as they offer no support to your foot, nor are they designed for sport.   sandals

Even if you want your feet to breathe while you sweat it out at the gym, sandals are not to be an option. Foot support is vital when you’re exercising as you can really do some damage to your foot and legs if you’re not careful. So, for safety and support more than anything, please don’t wear sandals to the gym.

Too much neon

Neon is a great material to wear when you’re out running or cycling at night so other people and vehicles can see you but the gym is fairly well lit so you don’t have to wear it there. So, if you don’t want people seeing you on the rowing machine from the next town over, then stick to more subtle and less in-your-face colours.

Go for a black or red sports top as these will be less likely to show off sweat marks and stains than other colours. Also, if you want to work out without people seeing you then the darker the colour the better.


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