The top tech trends to look out for in 2023, according to Scott Belsky

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2023 is a great time to be alive when you look at what the world has to offer in terms of technology.

There’s a long list of gadgets that will be making their way into our daily lives, as we become more and more reliant on the convenience they offer. IoT offerings will also see much development.

Scott Belsky – an American entrepreneur, author and early-stage investor best known for co-creating the online portfolio platform, Behance, Inc – predicted that internet browsers will shift from generalised to specialised, as web apps, communal browsing, and decentralised tech grow.

Belsky offered up his predictions for the changes people could expect in 2023 and the next three to five years in a Twitter post.

“Browsers are too generalised [and] antiquated for the future of web apps that are collaborative by default, multi-surface, and powerful. A new generation of specialised browsers will emerge, reimagined for collaboration and higher performance web apps. As the ultimate interface on top of the web, browsers will begin to compete with plug-ins and apps,” he said.

AI and the unexpected implications

Belsky reckons that generative AI will have unexpected implications for content marketing, education, and the war to control the interface. He said that AI will commoditise content marketing or SEO tactics, and usher in a new era of brand and influencer marketing. Every brand will flood the zone. But he added that in response, brands will launch communities for their customers using platforms like Circle.

Belsky also went as far as to predict that a highly personalised, Al-powered medical assistant will complement (and eventually replace) the general practitioner. That’s right. If Belsky is correct, a consultation with the doctor could just be a patient and a robot with the ability to diagnose and dispense medication.

He also said that social media will evolve to become Al-curated-and-cut episodes of our lives. “Like Netflix, we’ll tune in for episodes of our life presented as short/highly engaging AI-edited daily or weekly episodes,” he explains. AI-editor will decide what’s interesting, and the vanity metric is “making the cut”.

Content creators will ‘own their audience’

Subscriptions to knowledge communities are the new books, as integrated tools emerge for “the platform-less creator” that allow content creators to own their audience, predicts Belsky.

In this way, Belsky says, they will be able to keep their audience engaged for longer, thereby building more loyalty. He uses the example of Good Inside – the parenting book by Dr Becky Kennedy that is said to be the expert-guided, community-powered platform equipping parents with a new way of seeing and solving challenges at home.

Hyper-personalised experiences disrupt traditional e-commerce and hospitality brands — and enable an immersive era that is tailored to you. This is probably one of the most accurate predictions from Belsky that we can see coming to pass. Looking at the freedom for creativity that society now indulges, the freedom to express oneself becomes more viable. As such, hyper-personalising items purchased relating to lifestyle is gaining more and more momentum.

Devina Haripersad/The Citizen