The story behind the rescue

A sheep that was left tied up in the sun, has been rescued. PHOTO: Supplied

Ever came across a Facebook post from the Bloemfontein SPCA and wondered who writes the stories about the animals who have been rescued? Well, there’s no need to be sniffing around for answers much further, because the cat is out of the bag.

Chief Inspector Reinet Meyer from this non-profit organisation explains that the reason behind the creative approach of raising awareness on the plight of abandoned and neglected animals, is to “bring awareness to the public about the Bloemfontein SPCA and the animals they rescue”.

A chicken that was left with no food and water that has been rescued. PHOTO: Supplied

“To try and put the public in the animal’s paws… To let them imagine and feel how these animals felt before, and after the rescue,” she adds.

In a recent post on their Facebook page, a ginger cat had been rescued and had to be “humanely euthanised due to the severity of its injuries”.

“I am a little ginger cat. I got lost and did not know where my owners were anymore. I was asking for help but no one was even looking my way, just to assist me and seeing my pain. A brave woman eventually approached me. She tried to feed me but with no avail. I was unable to eat. The brave woman took me to the SPCA, looking for help for my pain,” reads the post.

According to Meyer, every story is written by the inspector who handles the case or who has rescued the animal. The SPCA is usually contacted by locals who express a concern over animals who are in bad conditions, abandoned or neglected.

A chicken that was left with no food and water that has been rescued. PHOTO: Supplied

“We don’t know what to expect until we arrive at the scene. All animals matter and we rescue all type of animals, domesticated to wild animals. Depending on a week-to-week basis we rescue from 80 to 1000 animals in a month,” she says. When fortunate rescues result in an adoption, the inspectors proceed to do home inspections to ensure that the animals adapted in their new homes. “It makes us very happy seeing these animals can live out their lives,” Meyer concludes.

The SPCA also played a big role in rescuing animals in the aftermath of the Jagersfontein dam collapse in September.

The Bloemfontein SPCA welcomes the community to assist with donations or to contact them regarding volunteer work.

Visit their Facebook page at Bloemfontein SPCA or contact them at 051-447-3801.

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