The seeds of love at Sunflower Hospice

The Sunflower Hospice volunteers hosted a birthday party for two children this past weekend. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Going the extra mile for those who are in need of a little more than what they have is what the volunteers at the Sunflower Hospice enjoy doing the most.

Whether it is to celebrate one of the sunflowers (children) at the hospice, or whether the garden needs tending – they will do it. Joan Marston, long-term hospice volunteer and founder, told the publication that volunteers are an integral part of the Sunflower team.

Some of the volunteers at the hospice. From l eft to right : Dr Christine Boshoff, Elsa Vermeulen, Calvin King, Joanne Rex, Fienie Rex, Michelle Rex. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“They work together with staff to care for and stimulate the children; beautify the house and garden; visit children and families to provide support at home (we visit 300 children and families in different communities, including Botshabelo and Bainsvlei),” expressed Marston.

Volunteers also assist with collecting and sorting out donations, while others are on the management committee where they can give valuable medical, financial and business expertise, depending on their experience and professions.

“We have volunteers from several other countries as well,” added Marston. Marston further explained that there are processes in place for people who would like to volunteer.

Tsepiso Zim is one of the regular volunteers in the shop at the hospice. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“Qualities you need are a love for children, willingness to play safely and gently, and patience to do things at their pace. The children really love our volunteers, and the volunteers adore the children! They have a wonderful relationship … Also, being part of a wonderful team of volunteers who love the children is fun!” she said.

With years of experience in Bloemfontein, she observed that locals are thoughtful.

“From all communities and cultures, some comfortable financially, others with very little; but all with big hearts,” she expressed.

Locals who would like to reach out and do more, are welcome to contact Sunflower House at 051-448-3813 for more information.

Hospice Week is from 5-11 May so you are welcome to make the trip to see what you can do. “Each volunteer – you are a blessing doing the work of the Lord.

“You bring so much love and care to the children and staff and make the world more beautiful for them.

“Thank you for your love, hard work, generosity and the joy you share with everyone,” concluded Marston.

Gypseenia Lion