The possible, preferable and responsible Beer and Food pairing

Prof Ryk Lues (Director: CAFSaB Group), Chef Janice Solomons (Hotel School: Chef), Marius Burger (Hotel School: Food & Beverage Manager), Jaydee Snyman (Hotel School: Operational Manager) and Dr Jasiu Lewtak (Master Brewer and Certified Beer Judge)

An all new food and beverage pairing event presented by the Central University of Technology (CUT) is set to take place at the end of May.
The Beer and Food Affair is the new concept following on the success of the annual CUT Fiesta del Vino event.
“With beer brewing that has taken the local industry by surprise, it seemed like the most logical concept to present to the public and visitors,” according to Dr Hanita Swanepoel (post-doctoral research fellow at CUT).
The CUT Hotel School, CUT innovation services (CUTis) as well as the Centre for Applied Food Security and -Biotechnology (CAFSaB), will make this evening possible.
The event will take place on Thursday, 31 May 2018 at the Hotel School Atrium, starting at 18:00. Tickets are R300 per person and may be purchased from The evening will consist of a journey menu, carefully paired with Stellar Craft Beer and presented by Dr Jasiu Lewtak (brewer and certified beer judge) and Chef Janice Solomons. Prof Ryk Lues (Director: CAFSaB Group) and Dr Hanita Swanepoel will present a responsible alcohol trivia quiz, guaranteed to educate and entertain.
So come and enjoy an evening with good food and drinks and a cool vibe. Everyone is invited – foodie, beer fanatic and anyone seeking a delectable night out. Non-alcoholic drinks will also be provided.
For more information, phone the Hotel School at 051-507 4034 or visit the Hotel School CUT Facebook Page.
“Let CUT up your street cred with skills in pairing beer and food. No sipping, just take a mouthful, let it stay then swallow the whole lot and voila! A beer and food affair.”