The next decade may be uncomfortable for SA



A local study, which looked into the country's future scenarios, suggests that the next five to ten years may be uncomfortable for South Africans.

The Institute for Security Studies' executive director, Jakkie Cilliers, who led the research, says factors such as slow economic growth, an increasing population, and the country’s poor political system, were the biggest determining indicators in their findings.

The study further states that poor governance will likely lead to the situation deteriorating.

Cilliers says the upcoming elections could come with negative consequences.

“We are heading towards a degree of political uncertainty. We have the local government elections in 2016, and in 2017 we’ll have elections for  the new head of the ANC who will become the new president. Then we have the national elections which are only scheduled for 2019. This means there’s potential of a two-year leadership vacuum that could have debilitating consequences for the country,” he said.

He added that despite the findings, the country’s growth prospects are quite healthy.

“Fundamental drivers of growth remain positive despite the country’s margin for error becoming thin,” he said.