The new Mo’Mjojo™ for work and leisure moments


Are you having a summer of work and leisure?

Give your summer the lit vibes it needs by visiting a Steers® near you to order the most festive burger meal this sunny season.

It sucks that you still have to be at work this festive season, it sucks even more to be on holiday and still have chores to do. But work or not, this summer should taste like the new  Mo’Mjojo™ burger.

Don’t let your summer be all chores and no play

It’s real cool to be back home with the fam, but sometimes the chores can start to ruin your vibes. Save yourself from all that boredom by trying the new  Mo’Mjojo™ burger. It’s the perfect hamburger to take your summer from boring to totally epic. With its delicious flavour and juicy toppings, you’ll want to keep having it all summer long.

 All work and no play makes for a dull summer

Staying on your grind to get that bread is really great but all work and no play will definitely make your summer a dull one. There is something that will brighten up your summer and keep you on your grind. Steers® is bringing you a summer that tastes like the new Mo’Mjojo™ burger and bursting with flavours. Visit a Steers™ near you to change your summer from dull to the best flame-grilled vibes.