The Harvest exhibition celebrating children’s art

Organizer of the online exhibition, Beatrice Ludidi

Residents in and around the City of Roses can look forward to an exciting exhibition with The Harvest: Art Education for Pre-schoolers, that will be kicking-off today at 14:00.

According to Beatrice Ludidi (31), the idea of an exhibition was born out of the need to share with the public how creative and naturally talented children are.

She says that given our limitations on sharing physical space, the next logical move was to have an online exhibition, which will allow people access to the children’s creativity, and more amazingly, reach a bigger audience than it originally would have.

“The reality is, evolution is upon us and it is amazing to be able to be part of a movement of solution seekers in our society.”

She further told Bloemfontein Courant that, The Harvest is more than just an event, it is a movement that is hoping to mobilise both artists and people in the education and health industry to realise the impact that the arts can have in the lives of children.

Ludidi says that the aim is to highlight the arts as a tool that has unlimited potential in growing children’s capacity to learn, whilst inspiring them to love the arts.

She says that The Harvest is funded by the National Arts Council, and it will be an ever growing initiative. It is on social media @ #theharvest_ZA. Should anyone wish for more information on it, they may gladly email her on or Alternatively they can reach her via cell phone on 079 469 2030.

The entire exhibition will be on a virtual platform, access to which can be gained via the following link:

Sazly Hartzenberg