The grass is greener at Schoeman Park Golf Club

Mark Steenbok.

The grass is officially greener at the Schoeman Park Golf Club after some upgrading and changes over the last couple of months.

All the greens were reseeded during February and temporary greens were used. The permanent greens were officially opened on 28 March.

The greens are now on an irrigation programme and mowed daily in order to stimulate the growth. One can also note the trimmed grass around the greens and bunkers. This is part of the manicuring of the course and to assist with the finishing of the bunkers.
The club has also during this time welcomed Eddie Bruwer, who was appointed as the club’s new Green Keeper on 18 March 2015.

The assistant Grass Keeper at the golf club, Tobias Hanekom, told Courant it takes a lot of effort to make sure the grounds are in tip top shape for tournaments.

“On Mondays it’s rather quiet at the grounds, so that gives us some time to make sure the grounds are ready for tournaments, because later in the week it gets crazy here. A lot of effort goes into preparing the grounds,” says Hanekom.

The bunkers will be raked and prepared before every competition and the plan is to deepen the centre of the bunkers and work the sand up around the edges of the bunkers. This will be done for the ball to roll down to the centre of the bunkers and not sit behind the lips of the bunkers, giving all players an even chance of competing.

At the same time all the fairways have been reshaped and will be mowed twice a week as the weather permits. All broad-leaf alien grass on the fairways and T- boxes will be sprayed with chemicals in order to reduce and in the long run get rid of them.

Grounds director Francois van Wyk said in a statement the course management and staff would like to give the board and management the assurance that the course and greens will be in perfect shape and presentable with the assets available at the time of the SA Seniors and Ladies’ tournaments.