“The Grace of God will pull me through.”

Mark Steenbok

Bloemfontein businesswoman and fraudster Lianne’ Greyling will spend the next seven years in jail. Judge Marina Voges today sentenced Greyling to seven years in jail in the Bloemfontein Regional court on 24 charges of theft and fraud amounting to approximately R5.5 million.

As Greyling was led away, she told Courant that although she is not happy about the sentence, she feels it is a fair sentence. A sobbing Greyling then concluded that she will survive this trying time by the grace of God.

Judge Voges earlier told the court that she does not feel a fine or even correctional supervision would be an appropriate sentence taking into consideration the extent of Greyling’s offences. She then mentioned that she had no choice but to send her to jail, despite her showing remorse and pleading guilty to the charges.

Voges further told the court she hopes Greyling is truly sorry about her offences. She also mentioned that these so-called white collar crimes are on the increase and she hopes Greyling’s sentence will send out a loud, clear message that fraud does not pay.

Greyling committed fraud and stole close to R6 million in transactions related to luxury motor vehicles and spares which she imported. She was convicted of 12 charges of fraud and 12 of theft in April this year after pleading guilty.