The Farmer


Brenda Myburgh

In this time of drought I was amazed at how my friends who farm kept their faith. They would continue doing what needed to be done, and when the rain still did not appear, they would pray for the seed that is under the hard layer of dry land.

In Mark 4 v 26-29 Jesus told the parable of the farmer who would work and scatter the seed upon the ground. He would then continue to sleep and work, awaiting the earth to produce the crop by itself. This made me think about my own life and expectations. How many times have I waited on God for something and when it didn’t happen fast enough, I would get impatient and just try and force the “crop to grow”?

If we want something to be perfect we need to wait for God’s perfect timing. I can think of a few times in my life when I thought the “rain” would never come. The times I did not wait and continued on my own, ended up being difficult and full of struggles. But when I entered the rest of God and waited patiently, the reward was more than what I could have ever imagined.

* Myburgh is a motivational speaker