The Edge to open after 4-year wait

The three gentlemen that will be running The Edge Restaurant on Naval Hill drink a toast with the Executive Mayor of the Mangaung Metro, Olly Mlamleli, From he left are Henk Pieterse, Nico van der Westhuizen, Mlamleli, and Mzamo Ramoipone. PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

The Edge Restaurant on Naval Hill has been standing empty for approximately four years. It became the ‘white elephant in the room’ and many locals wondered if it would ever be opened. According to reports, the restaurant could not get the green light to open its doors due to construction-related issues and it was not complete when it was used for Macufe events back in 2014.
Henk Pieterse, Nico van der Westhuizen and Mzamo Ramoipone are the three gentlemen who will be in charge of running The Edge restaurant. Executive Mayor, Cllr. Olly Mlamleli, officially handed over the restaurant to them in a ceremony held on 17 August 2018. The emotional Mlamleli expressed her gratitude that the moment had arrived after such a long wait. “Today I am happy that we are high up on Naval Hill to hand over The Edge restaurant to three young energetic gentlemen. I am inviting everyone from all corners of Mangaung to come and have a taste of the food of the restaurant,” she said.
However, locals will just have to be a bit more patient as the exact date of the opening is yet to be revealed.
The gentlemen, who also run the well-known Iewers Nice restaurant in Mimosa Mall, did not want to go into specific details regarding the operation of the restaurant, but gave general insight into what locals can expect: “It is definitely going to be something unique to Bloemfontein and South Africa as a whole. We’d like for it to become a place where everyone feels welcome. People must be able to come here and feel like they’re at home,” said Ramoipone.
He added, “Out-of-the-box ethnic food with a touch of class can be expected to be a part of the menu as not many restaurants opt to go this route with their menu items. I don’t think we have an ethnic restaurant in town that incorporates ethnic gourmet food.”
The trio aims to make it the best restaurant in town. They are planning to open the restaurant from morning until the evening and will make additional provision for security if the need arises. – Molebogeng Malebo