The Early bird…


What does “The Early bird…” mean in terms of our Spiritual life? “Those who seek me early and diligently shall find me.” Proverbs 8:17

“Seek me” To seek our Father is an intentional action taken by us. We need to satisfy our hunger to be intimate with Him. We would rather ignore the “Early” part, especially with the winter here. When it’s cold we would prefer to press snooze on the alarm clock. Unfortunately doing that, we end up rushing like crazy.
When the dawn comes we wonder why everything went wrong during our day and why we couldn’t cope. Maybe we even lost our temper a few times.

“Diligently” is to keep on doing the things we know is right. The things we know keep us standing and help us experience the calm within the storm.

God completes this verse by saying that if we do follow his guide, we shall find Him. The instruction is so easy, do what you know is right, get up early and spend time with God, and your day will be filled with a calm and peace you won’t even be able to comprehend.

Be blessed
Brenda Myburgh
Sheer Poise