The Black Dog has its day at Aasvoëlklub

The members of Black Dog are from the left: John Smit, Nic Klopper, Skye Klopper, Danny Benton and Chris Smith. PHOTO: LEON FOURIE

Every dog has its day, as the saying goes. And this Friday it is the turn of the Black Dog.
If you would like to experience the way rock music should be played, then look no further than the Black Dog Rock Show tomorrow evening at the at the Aasvoëlklub in Langenhoven Park, Bloemfontein.

Featuring the music of the great rockers like Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Joan Jett, Deep Purple, Golden Earring and many more, the show is bound to strike a chord with most Bloemfontein rock lovers. The band features Nic Klopper on keys, lead guitar and vocals; Danny Benton on percussion and vocals; Skye Klopper on drums and vocals; Chris Smith on lead guitar and John Smit on bass.

According to a statement by the band, its first show was held in 2012 with resounding success.

“Our motto ‘Raw, Loud, Never Sweet’ struck a chord with the public and we’ve stuck to it. The Black Dog name was inspired by the ingeniously written song by Led Zeppelin called Black Dog. The timing, the insane guitar riffs as well as the weird and wonderful vocal range required for the song stay a challenge for most musicians!

“Four of the original members of the Black Dogs will still be rocking the stage this year, accompanied by a very exciting new addition to the band. Skye Klopper is a young and vibrant rock drummer adding the feminine touch to the show. Although she is very much a lady, she plays her drums in the typical rock style required for this genre,” reads the statement.

For everyone out there who has missed heart-wrenching guitar riffs, solid bass and drums and real rock vocals in contemporary music, here is your chance to relive and experience rock the way it should be played.

Tickets are available from Kiki Corner, Langenhoven Park. If there are still tickets left on the day of the show, a limited amount will be made available at the door.

Pieter Delport