Teen creates sugar-free candyfloss for diabetics

16-year-old Morgan Pelser of Bloemfontein, makes candyfloss from sugar alcohols that are not harmful to diabetics.

Morgan Pelser, a Bloemfontein teen, not only has a savvy mind for business but she also has a heart of gold. Pelser started a candyfloss business at the age of 11 to make extra cash. However, it was after a diabetic friend was unable to taste her cotton-like treat that she was inspired to create sugar-free candyfloss, especially for those who suffer from the disease.

According to the 16-year-old, the sweet treat is made from a sweetener that is a form of sugar alcohols suitable for diabetics. “It’s so amazing to me that we were able to make it because candyfloss is literally just sugar. So to be able to make something that is viable for people who can’t eat sugar, is amazing,” said Pelser.

Morgan’s Sugar-Free Candyfloss is made throughout November, Diabetes Awareness Month.

She explained the process of creating the sugar-free version of candyfloss, which is an even more volatile product than the original. “We worked with the Food and Beverage Institute where we were able to mix everything.

We were able to create a version that would not cause a spike in the blood sugar levels of diabetics. We can’t make big quantities of it because when you make it, it has to be consumed within a day,” said Pelser.

Morgan’s Sugar-Free Candyfloss is made throughout November, Diabetes Awareness Month, and over the past few weeks they have sold about 500 tubs of the sweet stuff to patients. “We have been distributing to hospitals. It’s so cool to see a child taste candyfloss for the first time when they have never experienced anything like that before,” expressed Pelser.

Although she has been making candyfloss for about five years, Pelser was inspired to create the sugar-free version to allow a close friend to enjoy the treat as well. “My business partner and I entered a competition and throughout that time we made a lot of candyfloss but I noticed later that her sister never tasted any,” she explained. “It struck me as really sad as I imagined all the birthdays and other events where she missed out on the sweet treats. So we decided to make an innovative product, which actually won us competition,” added Pelser.

To get your hands on Morgan’s Candyfloss or share a tub with a loved one who suffers from diabetes, contact Morgan at 079-347-8904.

Nomaqhawe Mtebele