Technology meets Tokelo Moeketsi’s learning halfway



Bloemfontein – With technology constantly advancing, education and learning must also keep up, and Martie du Plessis has become the first school in the Free State that has moved on to digital learning.

The iStore team recently presented the physically disabled Grade 12 pupil, Tokelo Moeketsi, from Martie du Plessis with an iPad to better his education and make learning easier.

The matriculant has faced learning challenges, but will now be using the iPad, which has built-in accessibility features specially designed to meet his learning experience halfway.

Francois van Heerden, the school’s headmaster, was ecstatic with the invention and said that the aim is to create hope for disabled learners.

“We’re a school for disabled children, so we need to create hope for our kids. We’re happy with the news,” Van Heerden said.

“I remember a while ago, we looked at aspects that can make learning fun and more exciting for our children, and thought of technology."

“I then had a chat with the guys at iStore to see if we could get couple of products into the school to make learners excited about learning. That is where everything started.”

Nicholas Gregory of iStore said the tool will help Tokelo in achieving his dreams.

“Tokelo has travelled an especially difficult road you and I could not begin to comprehend. But he has sufficed. He has persevered and shown what can be achieved with true dedication and a passion for learning."

"We’d like to set Tokelo out on an amazing path for his bright future by providing him with his very own iPad, so that he can use this device to further his education.”

The man of the moment appreciated the opportunity, adding that the aim is to do well in his studies and pass his matric. He will tap the iPad’s screen and navigate using the pointer located on the headgear he wears.

Martie has now joined the 13 million strong worldwide group of iPads in education and this method of teaching will give the school a kick-started learning experience.

“You can achieve so much if you put your mind into it. We are happy that we can do a couple of things for our children to help them,” concluded Van Heerden.