Team Valkyrie will defend its title at paintball meeting


The Valkyrie team of Bloemfontein will be defending its title at die second Free State paintball meeting of the African Regional Paintball League (SARPL) at the Meerkatkolonie in Bloemfontein. The second meeting is taking place on Sunday, May 12th and the registration deadline was on Monday. By Monday, ten teams had already entered the popular sport meeting. The second meeting will also take place at the Meerkatkolonie in Drakensberg Avenue, Langenhoven Park in Bloemfontein.

From Bloemfontein the following teams, Valkyrie, X3m, Evilution, Vikings and Zenith will take part. They will be competing against Sons of Liberty of Johannesburg, Ninga of Virginia, Anthrax of Sasolburg and Young Guns of Port Elizabeth. At the first Meerkatkolonie meeting in March, Team Valkyrie took 1st prize followed by teams Vikings and X3m from Bloemfontein as well.

The next event will be take place on 18 August 2013, with the fourth event taking place on 20 October 2013. The final meeting will be the SARPL Super Cup (Nationals) from 5 to 8 December 2013 at Lake Gariep. This event will have teams representing all the provinces across South Africa. Players from Valkyrie contacted (SARPL) with a very special request before the SARPL Free State 3-man Event 1. Graeme Victor (8 years old) loves paintball, but has cancer and from what we understood is on some of the strongest chemo therapy.

With the support of Paintball City, HK Army and SARPL decided to do something super special for this little fighter on event day. Paintball City sponsored Graeme a Tippman Gryphon paintball kit to help him experience what he loves. The SARPL sponsored him a SARPL T-Shirt that was printed with his name on the back done by the guys from Valkyrie and HK Army gave him a cap for some protection against the sun and just purely to look cool. We would like to give a special thanks to everyone involved who helped to make this happen. We wish Graeme all the best and pray for a complete recovery as he battles daily with the challenges in his life.
For more information go to or contact Jano Myburg (Free state RPL) at or Custodio Jardim (team Valkyrie) at