Team OFM crowned SAB Beer Tasting winner

Palesa Modisane, Nomaqhawe Mtbele, Jeretha Oosthuizen, Justin Schmidt

The SAB Media Beer Tasting Competition is definitely worth entering as a media team, and after a lot of tasting and guessing, Team OFM was crowned the beer tasting champions.

When the competition was first announced, we at Central Media Group, were quite excited. After deciding to take part, we had a proper team, but as time drew closer, we only had a team of two people left. Nomaqhawe Mtebele and myself, Jeretha Oosthuizen, had to spark to get together a new team. Fortunately Palesa Modisane and Justin Schmidt were willing to join.

The first leg of the national competition was the regional round at SAB, Bloemfontein, where we had a great time. Our team was announced as the winners to go to the finals in Johannesburg, competing against the rest of teams from South Africa.

We were very excited about our trip to Johannesburg. All expenses paid! That is a bonus! We arrived at The World of Beer in Johannesburg around 17:15 last week Thursday. A the rest of the teams arrived, things started to become quite competitive.

Imagine, 45 minutes, six teams, seven beers and a lot of team spirit.

Yes, team OFM was announced winners after a sudden death round against a team member from Capricorn FM.What makes the win even more special, is that neither Palesa Modisane nor Nomaqhawe Mtbele are really beer drinkers, but they sure had a go at it at both the rounds.

The final prize includes a SAB Heritage Tour during which we will visit, among other places, SAB’s Hops Farm in the Southern Cape region.

Jeretha Oosthuizen