Teachers continue to resign after spread of rumour



One unfound rumour has led 4600 teachers to early retirement in November last year and 2015 is seeing more teachers handing in their resignation letters.

Chief Executive of Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (FEDSAS) Paul Colditz says the tension between educators and the department(s) of Education isn’t healthy and that teachers are resigning to get their pension early due lack of support from the department.

"Teachers are resigning to get their hands on their pension fund and pay out. The second reason for this is the increased pressure o them and the third is the lack of support from the departments of education," he says.

According to the Government Pension Administration Agency the rumour is that on March 1st the Government Employees Pension Fund members will no longer be entitled to a once-off lump-sum payment.

The agency further indicated that from May until December last year, they have paid out up to R75-million in settlements to educators who had resigned because they were afraid of losing their pensions.

He adds, "The is tension among the department as the employers and the teachers as the employees, the relationship is not as healthy as it should be."

Colditz attest that the rumour is a lie. He adds many educators wish to return to teaching again after retiring but the department does not allow it.

Former teachers can only be employed in the schools’ governing body after they’ve retired.