Teacher Appreciation Week Celebrated

John John Shaw, CEO of Teneo Education

As we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation week, the country recognises another kind of front-line hero, our valued teachers.

In support of Teacher Appreciation Week, we celebrate the integral role teachers play in providing a quality education to future nation builders.

“Teachers are our nation builders. They are uniquely positioned to contribute to stronger and better functioning societies that produce well-educated citizens and a well-trained workforce,” says John Shaw, CEO of Teneo Education.

In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, teachers around the country took on the challenge and adapted to meet their students’ needs. Teacher Appreciation Week is an opportune time to celebrate the educators who inspire and equip students to grow to their fullest potential.

“We have over 7 500 students and 350 teachers who offer live online lessons. Our teachers stimulate conversation and debate, strengthen critical thinking skills to equip our students to be the confident forward-thinkers that tomorrow needs. Our students will be the disruptors and the doers, leading in an uncertain future,” adds Shaw.

Most teachers have sought out the profession because they wanted to make a difference. A teacher’s true job satisfaction comes from seeing a child learn and grow.

Shaw calls on the nation to join the growing chorus that thanks educators, not only during National Teacher Appreciation Week, but every day.


Compiled by Justine Fortuin