Taxpayers take note of submission deadline on Friday 27th November



To date over four million taxpayers have submitted their tax returns, just over two million did that on e-filling which can be done in the comfort of the consumer’s office or home.

Furthermore about another two million preferred filling out their tax returns in the many South African Revenue Service offices countrywide and this marks an increase from last year, which came very close to meet their return targets.

However, spokesperson Sandile Memela said consumers should be aware that submissions need to be completed by Friday 27th November in order to avoid penalties.

"We have had over 4 million people who visited the over 54 branches nationwide. Friday, 27 November, will be the cut-off date and deadline to make submissions. If you don't, it simply means you are going to be penalised for non-compliance and of course that will be determined by how much money you earn," he explains.

He says consumers who will get their refunds from SARS will get them 72 hours after submissions.