Taxis back in operation at Lesotho boarder post

Lesotho Border Post. Photo supplied.
Commuters to and from Lesotho are urged to be patient as taxi operators engage in talks over taxi routes.

According to the chairperson of the Manyatseng Taxi Association transporting Lesotho nationals to South Africa, Seabata Nkatane, commuters were stranded yesterday as Lesotho taxi operators blocked the Maseru border post. Nkatane says pedestrians were able to cross from Lesotho into South Africa, while commuters and motorists were left stranded.

“Yesterday we had a problem with the Lesotho operators. They closed down the border post from Lesotho and it affected the traffic flow, whereby from 11:20 until 16:00 there was no movement of vehicles crossing into South Africa and Lesotho – they decided to block entrances” he said.

Nkatane says there is a conflict pertaining to the routes which may be used by Lesotho’s and South Africa’s public transport.

He says the closure was also part of the festive season cross-boarder operation. He assures public transport users that although there was a delay in transporting people to their destinations, the majority of taxis are in operation today.

Katleho Morapela/Courant News