Tapas 4 (Spicy Caramelised Nuts)


Spicy Caramelised Nuts

50ml olive oil
300g mixed nuts
125g castor sugar
  Pinch salt
5ml ground cumin seeds
5ml ground coriander seeds
5 cardamom pods, shelled and ground 


  1. Heat the oil, add the nuts and sprinkle sugar and salt over the mixture. Cook and stir until the sugar has melted and the nuts are golden. Meanwhile, mix the spices in a bowl. As soon as the nuts are ready, scrape them into the spices and toss quickly. Tip out onto a baking tray lined with buttered paper, and using a fork separate any that stick together. Leave to cool before serving.

Chef Niemand recommends drinking any bottle of white wine from the Odd Bins collection with these recipes.