Tanya Scott walks the walk


Tanya Scott is a swimming coach and also does some administrative work. She is nominated for Heidedall’s Friend of the Year.
1. How do you feel about the nomination for Heidedaller Friend of the Year?
I am deeply honoured and humbled to learn of my nomination for this award. I was unaware that something like this was even in existence.
2. Why do you think you have been nominated?
Someone must have seen me in the area, or possibly be aware of the mission that I am on and know what I am trying to do.
3. Which community projects have you been involved in, in Heidedal?
I am a swimming coach and my primary concern is for the children in the area. Many of the children that I encounter are exposed to poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and violence. This should not form part of the life of a child. My mission is to try and get them off the streets and involved in sports and constructive extramural activities. I have introduced swimming to this community, and the next step is biathlon and triathlon. We also, whenever possible, participate in the weekly Park Run. Through exposure to these activities, opportunities present themselves and with commitment and discipline and perseverance, the possibility does exist that the negative cycle and situation that these children find themselves in, can be broken.
4. If you were to be chosen as Heidedaller Friend of the Year, what issues would you addresss first in Heidedal?
An award is merely an acknowledgement for what is being done and should not make a difference or create any form of distraction from the original focus point. The children in this area need guidance and assistance if they are to be productive adults in our country. They need to be taught to dream, and that through faith and hard work, their dreams can be realised. Many of them though, lack the basics: love, discipline, a stable home, balanced nutrition, clothing, and sanitary supplies for the girls. Strong leadership is desperately needed.

Jeretha Oosthuizen