Talitha Cumi celebrates caregivers on Mother’s Day

Some of the caregivers at Talitha Cumi who got a welcome Mother's Day surprise on Sunday.

This past Sunday families all over the country celebrated Mother’s Day, and even though under very unique circumstances, this day was set out to appreciate mothers and all they do.

This day was no different for the 17 caregivers at Talitha Cumi Safe Havens for Children in Bloemfontein. According to Loraine Gregorini, the caregivers continue to give of themselves selflessly through this challenging time. They have put in extra effort and energy to see that the children get their exercises and the necessary stimulation, seeing that schools are closed.

Gregorini says because of these efforts, they wanted to make the caregivers feel loved and appreciated. “In order to show appreciation to these phenomenal women, we blessed them with a Mother’s Day surprise, which included snuggly socks, a coffee mug, cookies and a chocolate. We wanted to keep their spirits and energy levels high and inspire them to keep on doing the amazing selfless job that they are doing.”

Talitha Cumi celebrated its caregivers on Mother’s Day.

At the home, which accommodates children between the ages of 3 and 12 years, they have a daily program for the children, which includes schoolwork, physical activities and normal chores.

Their chores include preparing meals and snacks, doing the laundry and cleaning, being involved emotionally, to be able to listen when it’s needed and to share words that brings hope and healing.

Gregorini concluded that with the colder weather they are now introducing new and creative indoor activities, such as playdough, dress-up and other creative games.

Sazly Hartzenberg