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St Michaels celebrates 37 years’ 100% pass rate

St Michael's School for Girls has every reason to celebrate after achieving a record 37th consecutive year enjoying a 100% pass rate - all...

Schoolgirls’ hair drama spills over to Bloemfontein

Saint Michael's School for Girls (SMS) in Bloemfontein could not have chosen a worse week to administer a "neatness test" on learners of their school. Learners...

St. Michael’s duo wins Accounting Olympiad

Katlego Sempe, Yun-Ting Wu (St. Michael’s), Div Lamprecht (SAICA), Godfrey Legwale (SAICA), Jerry Skei (SAGE Pastel), Dineo Mothopeng (SAICA), Ane Church (SAICA), Jimmy Mehlo (DoE), Percy Masango (DoE).