Syndicate possibly sabotaging FS Health: MEC



A possible syndicate could be operating to sabotage the FS health department’s delivery of health services to the public. This is according to FS Health MEC, Benny Malakoane as he addressed the media this morning regarding the medication and consumables that were discovered at Pelonomi Hospital last week Friday.

The medication and consumable were discovered by Premier Ace Magashule in a transit site at Pelonomi hospital during a cleaning campaign in honour of former president Nelson Mandela. He reportedly discovered new heart monitors, uniforms, syringes, and consumables, such as washing powder and toilet paper.

“If the assumption is such that there is a syndicate that is intent on sabotaging government, in terms of paralyzing its operational requirements for the public. I do not think that we would be that naïve not to think that there is a high index of suspicion that there could be a syndicate operating around that kind of theft,” said MEC Benny Malakoane.

The Health Department says it has launched an intensive investigation and all the people involved will be held responsible for their actions. The department hesitated to divulge details of the matter until the investigation is completed.

“Everybody involved in this incident has to account and that is what we are heading for. To root out this matter and we are hoping to do that so that we can begin to deal with this. This investigation is going to assist us to do that,” said MEC for Public Works and Infrastructure, Sam Mashenene.

Pelonomi Hospital, the biggest health care facility in the Free State, has been battling due to medicine and equipment shortages because of a lack of funds.