Syndicate might be responsible for several highjackings



Police in Bloemfontein are not excluding the possibility that a vehicle theft syndicate might be responsible for several highjackings that took place on Sunday. In the light of the incidents police are warning all drivers to be extra careful and cautious while travelling at night. Police spokesperson Peter Kareli says drivers should be on high alert when they stop at traffic lights or when they reach their destinations.
This comes after three suspects were arrested on Sunday after they allegedly highjacked four separate cars in the early morning hours. The three suspects to appear in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court tomorrow (Friday), are Benjamin Skaza (26), Thapelo Makamole (26) and Xolani Momane (32).
They appeared in court on Tuesday on charges of murder, attempted murder and two counts of car hijacking. Kareli says the case has been transferred to the regional court and a court date is expected to be set during tomorrow’s proceedings.
According to him Nelisa Mafalala from the Eastern Cape was shot in the head and killed while trying to flee the scene after she was approached by the suspect as she was sitting in a vehicle waiting for a 44-year-old male driver with whom she was travelling. He stopped next to the road to urinate. After hearing a noise he returned to the vehicle and was shot in the chest. The three suspects are also allegedly responsible for highjacking the driver of a silver Polo and a female in a Tata Indica.
They were unharmed. Kareli says during their arrest a set of keys was found in one of the suspect’s possession. Police are still looking for a fourth suspect.