Swedo-Tech Service – the best in the car game


Swedo-Tech Service was established by hands-on owner, Bruno Burri, who has been in this industry for 40 years. Swedo-Tech Service is an accredited RMI Workshop and a 5 star accredited MIWA Workshop, which services all out-of-warranty and out-of-service plan Volvos as well as most other passenger vehicles on the market. Swedo-Tech Volvo started in 1995 when Volvo returned to South Africa.

Swedo-Tech Service also has a diagnostic section for fault-finding on Volvo’s and other vehicles. They work on more than 13 cars per day. It has always been about delivering the best service to clients and working extremely hard to keep that quality alive.

This company has grown from a staff of five to presently employing 19 staff members. Their range of expertise spans across a large of variety of passenger vehicles, e.g. Volvo, VW, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Colt, etc. They do full servicing of this range of vehicles, as well as diagnosing faults, checking and reporting on additional repair work necessary, checking vehicles that customers want to purchase, doing safety-trip checks and preparing vehicles for Road Worthy tests.

The high standard of running a Volvo Accredited Workshop in the past has carried through to Swedo-Tech Service. Due to their high standard, a vast amount of customers support them from across the country. Five passenger vehicle technicians are qualified and have between 10 to 30 years’ experience in the business.

Swedo-Tech Service tries to maintain a very high standard as well as offering the customer value for money. According to Bruno they work very hard to ensure that the customer is always informed prior to additional repairs to the vehicle. They have an excellent report and quotation system in place.

Bruno is involved in every aspect of the company – from reception, to diagnostics of the vehicles, to working on the vehicles. He has even been seen fitting number plates to customers’ vehicles when it is called for.

Heidre Malgas