Survivor beats cancer through complementary treatment


After getting diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer, Nina Brazer took it upon herself to turn her short life expectancy onto its head. Brazer is the author of What Cancer: My Journey to Recovery, which tells her story of perseverance and hope.

The two-time cancer survivor beat a negative prognosis through complementary treatment. Through this treatment she was able to find solutions and answers to a condition, which was thought to be at a fatal stage.

“I was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer in July last year.  After I was placed on palliative care with a short life expectancy, I was determined to find a way to recover,” said Brazer.

“Since modern medicine could not assist me, if I wanted to survive, I would have to take the lead and I started my research with the scientific study of cancer, delving into how cancer starts and progresses and how it could possibly be eradicated from my body,” she added.

Brazer expressed that through alternative care her health quickly improved. Since then it has been her passion to share her story with others who may go through the same challenge.

“Within three months I was out of my wheelchair and walking as normal and today I have a normal life. There are 9,6 million people that die due to cancer each year; I felt a deep desire to share my insights and bring hope. I decided to write a book where I share my insights into cancer,” she explained.

The South African has published her book on Kindle and it is also sold in three different countries.  Brazer will be in Bloemfontein on Thursday to speak to members of the media about her book.

Nomaqhawe Mtebele