Superfast dishes to tempt the tastebuds (Layered gorgonzola potatoes with leeks)


Layered gorgonzola potatoes with leeks

2 large potatoes, peeled and halved
3 leeks, sliced in half lengthways and then into fine rings
15m cream
50g gorgonzola
  Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  Vegetable oil for brushing


  1. Parboil the potatoes in salted water for 4-5 minutes. Drain and leave to cool. Preheat the oven to 190°C.
  2. Grate the potatoes coarsely into a bowl. Add the cream and gorgonzola, season carefully (the cheese will be salty already).
  3. In a small buttered ovenproof bowl, place a layer of potato, press down and season. Cover with a layer of the leek mixture. Repeat the layers finishing with potato. Brush the tops with oil. Bake in the oven until well-browned, about 20 minutes.