Summer sandals crafted by yourself

Lindsay Riggs conducting a sandal workshop. PHOTO: Supplied

Say goodbye to winter and step out in style as you get ready for spring this August by making your own summer sandals. Yes, locals will in September have the opportunity to attend a Summer Sandal Workshop by Cobblers Workshops 16 which will teach them how to make a summer sandal perfected to their personal style and desire.

Hosted by the founder, Lindsay Riggs, who has been a footwear designer for over 20 years, the workshop will give attendees the chance to learn about basic shoe making with a step-by-step guide that needs no prior experience. Just six hours of networking and learning how to make a unique sandal.

“Summertime is around the corner and as usual the strappy sandal is still a favourite. Be sure you get your summer feet ready and book my workshop,” said Riggs.

Riggs founded her business during Covid-19 and the Cape Town-based cobbler said that she has since found her passion for teaching through the workshops. This will be the second workshop that will be hosted at Urth on 9 September 2023 at R3200 per person.

All supplies and a basic toolkit are included. Locals can in the meantime follow Cobblers Workshops 16 for more information and some inspiration before getting handy and crafty.

Gypseenia Lion