Summer Salads (Marinated Feta)


Marinated feta

350g feta
15ml fresh mixed herbs (thyme, basil, oregano)
5ml coriander seeds
15ml cracked black pepper
125g sundried tomatoes in oil
4 fresh red chillies
  A sprig of rosemary
  Olive oil


  1. Pat the feta dry with paper towels and cut into 2cm cubes.
  2. Place in a bowl and sprinkle the fresh herbs, coriander and pepper over the cubes.
  3. Drain the sundried tomatoes over a bowl and retain all the oil.
  4. Arrange the feta, chillies, rosemary and sundried tomatoes in a sterilised jar (750ml). Cover with the reserved sundried tomato oil. Top up with olive oil to cover the feta.
  5. Seal and refrigerate for one week. Serve at room temperature.