Successful KFC Mini-Cricket


Free State Cricket Union hosted a KFC Mini-Cricket festival at Grey College, Bloemfontein on Saturday, with over 1 000 children (boys and girls) between the ages of three and 13 getting active on the cricket field. The kids participated in the festival in teams of eight players. The teams then each played two games. The KFC Action Zones, which are infl atables that enable kids to improve their skills in a fun way, were stationed at the ground. But there was more to the day than just cricket, explains Lauren Turnbull, KFC CSI and sponsorships manager: “The best way to get a message across to kids is through other kids and with this in mind we have introduced a kid’s ambassador search this year. At each festival, including Grey College, we set up an audition area to select kid ambassadors who will be used to promote our KFC Mini-Cricket message,
which is to encourage kids to get active and into KFC Mini-Cricket.” KFC partnered with Cricket South Africa (CSA) in 2010 with the aim of reaching as many children as possible and to promote an active and balanced lifestyle. The 2011/12 season saw the programme grow by 20%, double the target set, so there are now over 100 000 kids actively involved. Each of the 16 cricket unions will stage a KFC Mini-Cricket. KFC and CSA remain committed to building cricket amongst the youth now and well into the future.