Students’ new venture will move you

Victor Uwah, Managing Director at Falkon Group

Falkon Group, a company for students by students founded by Victor Uwah, has added another service to its business with Falkon Courier, a courier service for students.

Uwah, told Bloemfontein Courant this service enables students to send basic things such as a borrowed book, a laptop or whatever item they wish to take to their friends or family at a very low cost.

“Falkon Courier is basically there for the moving of your items so that you do not have to, especially during this lockdown period and because there are many restrictions on travelling and movement,” he said.

Bloemfontein Courant previously reported that Uwah, a Food Science student at the University of the Free State, started a student shuttle business as he knows and understands the struggles students face when it comes to transport.

The shuttle transports the students to specific stores, the farthest store being in Bloemfontein Central (CBD). The service is for a maximum of two hours in which the students get to shop. The shuttle service is part of the Falkon business.

He added that the service has people who voluntarily use their own cars, bikes or bakkies to transport the goods while earning an extra penny for themselves.

“We outsource to people who are available to help transport anything one might need. Bigger vehicles such as trucks are also in the wings to transport bigger items. This is an innovative idea no one has ever thought of before. It has not disappointed us and we have not had any complaints thus far.”

In essence, Falkon Courier was created to motivate the youth as well as to encourage them to start an innovative business to help make people’s lives much easier. “The money will come; it starts with an idea and grows into a fruitful business,” Uwah added.

Falkon Courier’s prices are as low as R20 per delivery and it is an intercity movement, which will expand to Welkom and Jo’burg in due time.

Anything can be delivered and is much cheaper than having to take a taxi there and back to drop something at a friend.

To get involved, become a driver or to use the services, contact Falkon Courier on 081-521-2689 or 076-419-4130.

Heidre Malgas