Student wins registration fees on FB

Serame Medupe, branch manager of Hungry Lion, Heideda, with Phumla Mooi .

A first-year student at the University of the Free State, Phumla Mooi, started the year on a good note by winning her varsity registration fees thanks to a Facebook competition by quick service restaurant Hungry Lion.
“The competition asked what people had on their bucket lists for December. I know they were expecting people to say things like skydiving and so on, but for me, my biggest December dream was simply to earn enough money to pay my university registration fees,” Phumla explained.
Phumla starts her university career next week. She will be studying for a BA degree in Psychology.
“I’m so excited, happy and thankful when I saw that I was one of the two competition winners drawn. I don’t even know what I can do to thank Hungry Lion. Thank you, thank you,” she said.
ZanMari Vosges, a Middelburg mother, was the second competition winner, winning her son’s school fees for the year.