Student Protests Affect Blood Bank Supplies


Jana Wallace from South African National Blood Service (SANBS), says there is only one day’s supply of blood left in the Free State before a crisis point is reached.

This means that there will be little or no blood for birthing mothers ,cancer, anemic and accident victims in hospitals, she explains. She states that the exams and student protests have affected blood supply adversely as students are the biggest contributors to blood banks across South Africa.

Whereas they normally have mobile drives to campuses to collect blood form donors, they are unable to do so as campuses are closed due to ongoing protests. Although alternative measures such as longer operating hours and the placing of mobile blood clinics at places of public interest like shopping malls, Wallace explains that it is not enough.

For the situation to stabilize, the SANBS will need about 3000 units of blood a day. Wallace appeals to the members of the public to donate blood at donation centers or mobile donor clinics to help them address the critical situation.

Pulane Choane/CourantNews