‘StringMotions’ – music that heals

Royal Priniti, also known as Bokang Mosoatsi. Photo: Supplied

A sonic experience created by putting together an exploration of jazz and African folk, can it get any better? This fusion of strings is aimed at creating a mental health string therapy and as a prelude, Royal Priniti will be releasing his single “Mantjingilane” on 9 June.

Royal Priniti, also known as Bokang Mosoatsi, is a passionate artist who is ready to share his unique blend of music with the world. “I aim to create a sonic experience that resonates deeply with listeners, allowing them to reflect, heal, and discover new dimensions of themselves through the power of music,” said Mosoatsi.

The debut album, titled ‘StringMotions’, is set to be released around the end of the month. “The album will be available on all leading digital streaming platforms, ensuring that music lovers from around the world can access and enjoy it,” said Mosoatsi.

“As a build-up to the album I will be releasing a few singles, the first being Azania, which was released (2/06/2023), and Mantjingilane (9/06/2023). I’m excited to share this musical journey with my audience and look forward to their support and feedback,” said Mosoatsi.

With this album, he hopes to connect with listeners on a profound level, providing them with a space for introspection, healing, and personal growth. He aspires to bring joy, inspiration, and a sense of tranquility to the lives of those who embrace his music.

Throughout Mosoatsi’s recording process, he relays that he learned a lot about himself and his craft. “One important realisation was the significance of having a dedicated team to assist in other aspects of my music. I also gained a deeper understanding of the value of time and the importance of promoting my work effectively. In terms of my craft, I discovered that there is a special place for what I can offer as an artist,” said Mosoatsi.

According to Mosoatsi, the process of putting the album together spanned approximately 30 months. “I faced various challenges along the way, such as finding a new studio after my initial producer left and dealing with the immigration issues of my subsequent producer. These hurdles added to the stress of the recording process, but ultimately, they pushed me to overcome,” said Mosoatsi.

For updates on the release, follow Royal Priniti or AHADI on social media platforms.

Bonolo Moloi