Sterilise your pets – SPCA 

Missy is now in good health and was sterilized as well. PHOTO: SPCA Facebook

The Bloemfontein SPCA urged pet lovers to sterilise their companions to avoid health complications. This came after the animal rescue service responded to an emergency call about a dog being in immense pain during labor.

“It is more than just keeping them from having young ones, there are numerous health concerns associated with unsterilised animals,” the SPCA said.

According to the SPCA, the owner said the dog had been struggling severely.

“Her name is Missy and indeed she was in immense pain. She was struggling to deliver her litter. We immediately rushed her to the vet where they helped her to deliver her young, if we had arrived later the chances of Missy’s survival would have been slim. Missy is now in good health and was sterilised as well.”

Locals are advised to contact a local veterinarian or the SPCA for advice or a consultation about sterilising their beloved domestic companion.

Compiled by Gypseenia Lion