Stay Safe, Mask Up! draws to a close

Elmarie Prinsloo, CEO of Bloem Show with Cherene Beukes from EmoyaMed. PHOTO: Heidre Malgas

Stay Safe, Mask Up!, a campaign run by Bloem Show in partnership with Bloemfontein Courant, was not only a surprisingly fruitful campaign, but also one resulting in great success. The campaign came to its end after the last drop-off of letters and Nkosi Bars at various hospitals in and around the City of Roses.

Businesses and individuals were encouraged to show their gratitude by donating care items to healthcare workers, together with a Nkosi Bar and letter of appreciation and love from local primary school children.

“A Nkosi Superbar is a malnutrition intervention product, formulated by leading nutritional experts as a powerful tool to fight the catastrophic impact of malnutrition on the physical and cognitive development of children in South Africa.” This is according to their website.
The Nkosi Bars and letters were handed over to hospitals in the city during the course of two weeks and came to an end on 19 March 2021.

Elmarie Prinsloo, CEO of Bloem Show, said, “What a privilege it has been to give and say thank you!!”

She added, what started as a small idea to give thanks to a handful of Covid-19 healthworkers has rolled out so beautifully. Sharing smiles and messages from children to over 5000 healthworkers at all the hospitals in Bloemfontein made the campaign very special to not only those who donated, but also those who received and felt appreciated.

Prinsloo thanked to each and every one of the Bloem Show staff, media partner, Bloemfontein Courant, every school and learner for the beautiful messages, every firm and individual who contributed, and the heroes, “our health workers, who have cared for our community so unconditionally for the past year during the challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic. We salute you!”

Prinsloo said R34 050 was raised to acquire 4000 Nkosi Bars for healthworkers.

Heidre Malgas