Stay safe, Mask up! campaign grows

Elmarie Prinsloo

As previously reported, Bloem Show, in partnership with Bloemfontein Courant, has started a campaign, Stay Safe, Mask up!, to show their gratitude to the frontline workers who have been working tirelessly for the well-being of patients contracting Covid-19.

Elmarie Prinsloo, CEO of Bloem Show, said they have already received positive feedback in the first week of the campaign, with 30% of their target (just over R20 000) already reached.

“Businesses and the community are grateful and appreciative towards our health workers, especially during this challenging time. We have also reached out to local primary schools – we want to surprise the health workers with a thank you letter from our local primary school scholars,” she said.

She added that the businesses which have donated thus far are a property realtor, Bloem Show, Central Media Group, Enviroworks, Itec, iWater, M&L Elektries and The Genesis Group.

“This initiative started as a small thank you gesture from Bloem Show to Covid-19 ward health workers, and it grew to become much larger as roleplayers in our community also want to share their appreciation. What a privilege to stand together as a city,” she said.

According to Prinsloo there have been no worrying challenges. Her only hope is that in some way health workers will get a message of appreciation for their hard work and self-sacrifice during the fight of the Covid-19 pandemic. She would also like to thank all companies which have already contributed.

“I really challenge businesses and individuals in Bloemfontein to donate any amount to support this project. Thank you to all the schools who have already activated the thank you letters from their pupils, it has really made me proud of the people of Bloemfontein.”

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Heidre Malgas