Standard Bank puts their staff and clients first

Head of client coverage for the central Free State, Brendan Jacobs.

Standard Bank in Bloemfontein are taking strict precautions in order to keep their staff safe during the COVID19 crisis, that will have the whole country on lockdown from midnight on Thursday.

According to the head of client coverage for the central Free State, Brendan Jacobs, they have decided to put measures in place because they believe that if they take care for their staff then their staff will take care of them and their clients. Jacobs explained that it started two weeks ago when they allowed certain staff to work from the comfort of their own homes with laptops and tablets set up by the bank. “During this time, when schools were closed and left parents with no time to plan, Standard Bank also granted their staff three to five extra days of special child care leave” he said.

He further said that something they are truly excited about is the fact that the bank will also be providing a shuttle service for their staff, that will pick them up and drop them off at a central point to ensure that staff limit their use of public transport.

Jacobs added that even though the bank will be open, the safety of their staff and customers come first and thus they will be monitoring the volumes coming into the bank and will work out a shift plan for their staff. Standard Bank takes staff care very seriously and will continue to do until the COVID19 crisis is over and even after that.

Sazly Hartzenberg