Stage 2 load shedding scheduled for today


South Africa will today experience Stage 2 load shedding, a significant improvement from Monday’s shock Stage 6 announcement.

In a statement issued on Wednesday morning, Eskom explained that Stage 2 rotational load shedding will take place until 11pm this evening.

The power utility said that “good progress” has been made in system recovery, due to several units being returned to service, and it recovering from flooding experienced at some power stations.

Diesel is still being used for open cycle gas turbines and water at pumped storage schemes to supplement capacity.

Eskom did warn that as the generating plant continues to perform “at low levels of reliability”, unplanned breakdowns could dramatically change the current stage of load shedding. It added that the probability for load shedding remains high for the rest of the week.

“Load shedding is a responsible act and highly controlled process, implemented to protect the country from a national blackout”, it reminded its frustrated consumers.

Customers are also being asked to switch off geysers during peak periods.

The Citizen