Stage 1 load shedding from 9am today

Eskom will stop stage two load shedding at 9pm on Sunday night, as emergency reserves have adequately recovered to allow for a reduction in load shedding, the embattled state-owned power utility said.

However, taking into consideration the peak traffic rush hour, Eskom would on Monday morning resume implementing stage one load shedding from 9am, it said in a statement.

“We will give a further update to the public on Monday afternoon as to the state of the system going forward. The risk of load shedding remains for the week.”

Unplanned outages or breakdowns were at 11,126MW as at 4pm on Sunday. Eskom’s teams were working hard to reduce the unplanned outages. Eskom also continued to conduct critical maintenance on units that were currently on planned outages to reduce the level and frequency of load shedding.

“Eskom also wishes to remind South Africans that there is an increased possibility of load shedding over the next 18 months, as we are conducting critical maintenance to restore the ageing plant to good health.”

While pumped storage dam levels had recovered adequately enough to allow for a reduction to stage one load shedding, there was still some work being done to improve diesel stocks.

“Customers are advised that any additional shifts in demand and on the system may require a change in the load shedding stage. We therefore request customers to help reduce demand and use electricity sparingly, taking into consideration that better managed demand will shorten this bout of load shedding. To assist us in reducing the stage of load shedding, we appeal to customers to use electricity sparingly,” Eskom said.

African News Agency