Stadium less than half full for Mugabe’s funeral

An attendee's snapshot of what the Harare National Sports Stadium looked like during Robert Mugabe’s state funeral. Image: Twitter/ @mamoyoT

Following the chaos that led to scores of people being injured as they clamoured to view his body as it was lying in state, president Robert Mugabe received a fairly mild send-off.

This is according to images of Harare’s National Sports Stadium which was surprisingly empty despite its 60,000-capacity. That is similar to Ellis Park Stadium’s capacity which sits at 62,567 and more than Moses Mabhida, Cape Town Stadium and Kings Park Stadium which all have a capacity of less than 60,000.

The lack of bums in seats at the stadium prompted people to question where his devoted following was during the ceremony.

Other believe that this is a reflection of how the people of Zimbabwe truly feel about the late elder statesman while some believe it means nothing.

Mugabe died in a clinic in Singapore a week ago and was meant to be buried by his family after 30 days at the National Heroes Acre after government concludes constructing a monument in his honour.

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(Compiled by Kaunda Selisho) / The Citizen