St. Andrew’s not slowing down with 100%

St. Andrews’s top three 2021 matric achievers were Nicolaas Liebenberg, who achieved an A symbol with 6 distinctions and an average of 87.4%, Joshua Mchlachlan, who hauled an impressive 8 distinctions with an average of 86%, and Henco Meyer, who came in at number 3 with an average of 85.3% and 7 distinctions.

“The school is very proud that this class, despite having a grade 11 and 12 year severely disrupted by Covid-19, have come out trumps and been a resilient group of learners.”

This is according to the Headmaster of St Andrew’s School, Roland Rudd, following the 2021 matric results that were announced last week Thursday.

Rudd says the dedication of staff, the effort of learners, the discipline, and balanced school environment are things that have continued to see them get positive results over the years.

He says that the Class of 2021 received 83 subject distinctions, with a 84.8% Bachelor’s pass rate. He also says that they had 12 distinctions in Biology, 10 in Maths Literacy, 10 in Afrikaans, 6 in Mathematics, and 7 in English.

“We are very proud of the results, especially in the face of the pandemic which has affected these learners for two years. We feel that our systems are effective but we will not rest on our laurels as each year brings different challenges that need addressing.

The dedication and consistency of the staff has played a huge role in our results and through a disciplined and organised school environment we keep achieving positive results,” said Rudd.

According to him, the 2021 matric class succeeded through difficult times of the pandemic, as the sport and extramural activities were cancelled. He was adamant that the 2022 matric class will also succeed through hard work and dedication.

Kekeletso Mosebetsi